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English Learning Tools

This is  a post to help my English students have easier, more enjoyable and more efficient learning experiences.

You will find some of the best English learning websites, my favorite English learning tools, and a few other tools you shouldn’t miss!

#1 Read English Books

There is no substitute for a good book.

Reading in a foreign language is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to learn useful vocabulary, phrases and grammar.

I like paperbacks the most, but hate to carry them around. As a result, I almost exclusively read Kindle books these days.

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However, if you have a smart phone, tablet pc or a good ol’ desktop – you can download the Kindle Reader for free here: Kindle Reader

#2 Make Mind Maps

Mind maps provide information at a glance.

The usage of mindmaps is so versatile that you’re missing out if you’re not using them. Unlike old pen-and-paper mind-maps, you can now move around and change your information with ease as well as hyperlink to local and web files. I use mind maps for all of my lesson plans, business plans, daily checklists, habit monitoring, podcasting, product creation, systems development… and it’s easy to refine your systems, track your progress, and add, delete or modify your notes.

If you’re not using mind maps, you’re missing out on one of the best organizational implements of the 21st century.

What makes it even better is that there are excellent programs to manage your mindmaps for FREE!

Here are the programs I use:

#3 Review What You Learn

My 9th grade history teacher said that the best way to prepare for tests was to simply review all of my subjects for just a few minutes a day. Focus on the most recent first, but work all the way back to the beginning of the semester. This way you’ll actually find that the information you learned the longest time ago, instead of being the hardest to remember, being the easiest to remember.

Alas, I tried but never made a habit of his advice… until a couple years ago!

Enter Spaced Repetition…

ANKI is a tool used by most for learning vocabulary for foreign languages. This means it’s an excellent to improve your English vocabulary. However, it’s also excellent for memorizing history dates, friends’ birthdays, account numbers, mathematical formulas, key concepts, favorite quotations and just about anything else you could want to keep in your head.

There are even shared decks for common topics such as SAT & GRE vocabulary as well as less popular (but interesting) decks like mathematics formulas and poker odds.

Give it a try for a few weeks with anything you could want to remember, and let me know your results. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed:

This tool is available both for your Smart Phone making it the perfect study-aid when waiting for your next bus, subway or for mom to finish-up in the bathroom!

Also, if you start mind-mapping, these mindmaps are excellent to review as well.

#4 Make Use of Free Online English Learning Resources

Below are some website you should fine helpful for learning English online:






#5 Share Your Favorites

Your Turn to Share – Leave a Comment Below!

I hope you’ve found the above online English learning tools helpful.

If you have some other favorite online learning tools or resources, please share them with everyone in the comments below!

Thanks! ^_^

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  1. What a fantastic list of useful tools! Thank you.

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